Ketone Weight Loss Program

Ketone Levels and You

G uidelines for following a low-carb lifestyle are simple, well established, and easy to understand. But the truth is that people often react very differently to the same lifestyle change, and it can be quite difficult to tease out the effects certain foods have on your own metabolism. This is why measuring your ketones is essential if you want to fully reap the rewards of a low-carbohydrate lifestyle. Ketone tracking is hugely beneficial to first-time carb cutters, as these people often test out which choices might increase their ketone levels. But it’s also useful for anyone who has already reached nutritional ketosis and strives to stay there. After all, understanding what kicks you out of ketosis is just as valuable as understanding what puts you in it! For more information on our weight loss programs please call our office at (314) 710-BFIT today to learn more!

– The Staff