dorothy mcdile

I love Dr. Padda he’s a good doctor he cares about you I went to doctor with certin problems and I didn’t no why I was in so much pain Dr.Padda was there for me he was understanding and he got right down and found out what the problem was I can’t see my self going to any one else.

Maria Spencer

Dr. Padda had been very helpful in my pain management. I was seeing a primary for years before he vanished off the face of the earth with no warning. I started seeing Padda and my pain is being managed very well. He may be arrogant but, he gets the job done.

Ajose Paul

I visited Dr. Padda after being referred by my primary care physician for migraine headaches. He had tried several medications but I was still receiving no relief. They were debilitating to my everyday life. Dr. Padda suggested that I try an injection in the back of my head – which sounds terrifying but at that point, I was miserable. The thought of the injection was much worse than the actual injection. It was very quick and not painful at all. I followed up in a few weeks to check my progress at which time he suggested Botox injections for longer relief. I am so scared of needles but felt like his first injection was the only relief I had for several months so I agreed to try Botox. I have now went from having migraine headaches at least 20 days a month to only having 2, which is amazing. Dr. Padda is the headache healer.

Gail Obrecht

I have been going to Dr Padda Institute for over a year now and they’re wonderful. He’s honest and to the point. A lot of people have been used to going to Doctors that want to keep you sick so you’ll have to keep coming back. Dr Padda and Dr Gogel tell you the truth about what’s wrong and I’m sorry but the real truth hurts sometimes. But then it’s got to hurt if it’s going to heal. I have lost all of 45 lbs since I started there and Dr Gogel is my primary now too. His mantra is “ANOTHER PILL, ANOTHER DRUG-THAT IS NOT GOING TO FIX WHAT AILS YOU!! EATING RIGHT, SLEEPING RIGHT, LIVING RIGHT AND DOING WHAT I TELL YOU AND YOU MIGHT LIVE A LONG TIME!!!” If that’s rude, then I’ll take it. God bless the Padda Institute. They don’t have an easy job. Thank you all. 😊

Marianne McMahon

Dr Padda is EXCELLENT! He has helped me more in 3 years than I’d been helped in over 10 years of horrible pain. My quality of life is much improved and I am grateful to Dr Padda and his staff for all they have done. Dr AL Gaborey is pretty awesome too.

Ross Sedlacek

Very caring, helpful staff. Dr Padda is highly skilled and very compassionate. He has not only alleviated my pain but is also concerned with my overall well being.

M Stucky

Started going to Dr Padda 9 months ago for body pain pain in shoulders,ankles,most of all low back Dr Padda has helped with most of the pain in neck and shoulders and ankles but I notice moor relief in the low back in the past four or five visits.

Karen Atkins

I’ve been coming here for 15 years off and on. I’ve broken my leg a couple times. I’ve got a bad disc in my neck bad disc in my back had back surgery.